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Dog Fighting Is Fun, Exciting and Legal

Hello Friends,

My name is Jose Rodriguez. Six years ago my life was in shambles. I was laid off from my job, my marriage was falling apart and I was out of money and running out of hope and was not documented so it was hard to get work.

That’s when I discovered canine sport fighting (sometimes called “dog fights” or “Dog Fighting”) through a friend and went to my first event. I was awestruck! What an amazing show of animal athleticism! Not only was it the most powerful and moving spectator sport I had ever witnessed, he was also making boatloads of money.

It was then that he showed me the system he had developed to generate incredible revenue from this fun and exciting sport. Despite the efforts of missinformed website operators like these guys at stop dog fighting .net, within 3 weeks, I had not only made my investment back but was making over $1200.00 a week TAX FREE!

My family could not believe the money I was able to send back home to Mexico. Now, I am going to not only show you how to do it, but I am going to hold your hand through the entire process as you launch and promote your own local dog fighting pit. We’re going have tons of fun! Together, we’re going make tons of money! Jose Rodriguez Founder:, Champion Dog Fighter Owner/trainer: Midwest Light Middle Weight Division, Canine Sport Fighting Champion – Smuckers.

One of the Nations Fastest Growing Sports!

Even People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka – “PETA“) claim that there are over 500 organized canine sport fights across the US on any given day and that number is growing fast! Even some of Hollywood’s most well known celebrities and professional athletes are getting in on the action, investing in animals, training and equipment and making serious money or just enjoying the sport.

Yes it is! My proven system walks you through the easy process of legally protecting yourself by helping you to declare yourself a church, change your name to a corporation, become a sovereign nation or convert your basement or back yard to a “research facility”, all with the lowest costs of any professional sport.

Man’s Best Friend is Now an Investment That Can Yield Fantastic Returns!

Let’s face it, dogs, for all the pleasure and joy they might give us, are extremely expensive to own. The great news is that having a dog as a pet, no longer need to be a financial drain it used to be. Have you ever added up the costs of dog ownership? In the average scenario, with a dog living to 14 years, your dog could cost $12,000.00 and $35,000.00 Check for yourself by clicking here: Average Costs of Raising a Family Dog With our system, your dog only needs to win a few fights per year to carry his own weight in the house and put a little cash in your pocket even after vet bills. It’s a win/win situation for everyone!

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Make Unbelievable Profits, Low Risk, Maximum Support

This chart shows how using my patented system to start your own pitbull dog fighting ring is the best value up front, and will bring you the greatest monthly profit, even compared to more traditional sport, brick-and-mortar, and sport fighting businesses. The system is not cheap, but if you buy our system, you can join as a member of our league and enjoy deep, volume discounted prices. Not only do you get all the benefits of joining the official league, you get all our tools, tutorials, years of wisdom, support and most importantly, it makes your entry into this exciting sport and business much cheaper, which means you start making more money faster. DON’T BELIEVE ME? Take a look at my actual dog fighting income statement:

What The Starter Package Includes: The Famous… the one and only Bad Dog Sports™ Professional Dog Fighting Pit Dog fighting cages and accessories Official U.S.C.F.F., “fight ready” 12 foot, professional dog fighting pit from U.S.C.F.F official Sponsor Bad Dog Sports. These cages retail at $7200.00 and are over 50% cheaper through Puppy Profits You save over $3500.00 on this item alone when you sign up! *financing available for approved credit Bad Dog Dogfighting Supplies And of course, there’s much more! Also included:

Incorporation kit and legal quick start guide

Platinum Lifetime Membership in the United States Canine Sport Fighting Federation.

Our Creating a Canine Sport Fighting Champion instructional videos which is a 6hr series on preparing your animals for competition, training regimens and diet.

Electric Treadmill for cardio work.

Weight chains for improving neck strength and conditioning.

Weight sled, complete with weights and harness

Protective helmet (face guard included), arm protectors and leg shields for training

Our comprehensive, 400 page guide to promoting, advertising and marketing your sport fighting events to insure both good attendance and turnout for dogs. We’ll show you what works!

5 hrs a month of free legal counseling

Required Official first aid medical kit for the animals who compete

Concession stand starter kit and distributor list with all products discounted with your puppy profits membership

24hr hotline access to legal representation in case of emergencies

Twice monthly, free ad space to promote your events through our Canine Sport Fighting Weekly newsletter

Most importantly, as our new client, we will hold your hand through the entire set up process and make ourselves available to you to answer any questions to make sure you get started on the right foot and make your fights a success.

But thats not all you get!

Also included with your purchase of our system – our Fight Tracker™ Software for your PC. Fight scheduling, fight promotion and accounting have never been easier. Thats right!! It’s not a typo A $549.00 value thats absolutely FREE All Fight Tracker software versions are compatible with Windows Operating Systems Only

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We are discounting the usual sign up fee of $9,988 through the end of this month. Now you can join the most exciting sport through the most profitable system for the low, introductory, temporary, internet only price of ONLY $6,998.00.

Click below to purchase your starter kit right now, and before you know it you’ll be on your way to big money, big excitement, and an amazing new life and financial success in the canine sport fighting industry!


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