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If you are need phone support or would like to speak to a salesperson immediately, please call 1-404-551-5587

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If you are interested in finding current fight schedules in your area, please call 1-404-551-5587 ext 010

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You must use a real email address, or your letter will never be seen. Due to rampant abuse from animal activist, we’ve had to install a message verification system. Once you input your info, you’ll be sent a verification email. You must click the link in that email or your letter will never be seen. In other words, if you send us something, but use a fake email address, it will be deleted by the server before any human being ever sees it. Please do not send multiple emails, even if you don’t see our verification email, as those will also be deleted. Once is enough. If you don’t hear back within 7-business-days, then you should contact us again.


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